Agape TV and Enterprises:
Marketing Consultants
If it's managing, building, or marketing your reputation, organizing your social media, or retargeting the visitors to your website . . . 

We are here to help you every step
of the way!



Agape TV and Enterprises is an outgrowth of David Holland's academic preparation with a Master's Degree in Business and his desire to be a blessing and benefit to the national and international church and business world.
We Do Video Commercials
Whether it is a 30-second multimedia outreach com-mercial, or a one-minute reputation video and commercial, or a three-minute expert expose, all of these video platforms are designed with specific calls-to-action.
We Do Pixel Retargeting
With our proprietary soft-ware, we are able to follow 100% of the visitors to your website rather than the 4% who call you. This following pays dividends over time.
We Do Social Media
This is done by up-dating your top six social media sites every month and by posting reputation graphics to those sites every two-to-three days
We Do Reputation Marketing
This is the building block of our emphasis for your reputation matter--it matters to you and it matters to your patients, customers, and clients. Four- and five-star reputation draws new clients and new blood into your organization.

Our Services

We completely cover the seven most important aspects of your business, practice, or church!

your five-star reputation

Without a four- or five-star online reputation, your competitors are getting the business or traffic that should be coming your way.

your client and email list

This is the crown jewel of your outreach. By caring for and marketing to your present clients, dividends are paid with increased business and referrals.

your social media list

Your must-have presence on social media is where the business action is today. By not having an effective, on-going presence here, you are missing-in-action.

your pixels and retargeting

Whether you know it or not, 96% of those who visit your website never follow through in contacting you. We can "track" 100% of those visitors to your benefit.

active, articulate funnel webs

Your website is a landing platform. It serves to help solve the pain in your niche. Is your website driving business to you or away from you? 


This form has a dual purpose: It can be used electronically to enhance
and update your data base,
to provide head-of-the-line privileges, to compete in a drawing, etc,
and then to ask 
your client,
​​​​​​​patient, or customer to provide
you with a review of your services.
It is extremely effective with about 70%
of those asked leaving a review.

quality customer care

Every aspect of the marketing that we do for you is designed to model how you need to be actively caring for your clients. QUALITY is the name of the game!

Our Team
Our international team has you and your business in our minds daily.
David Holland
David is our chief executive officer, dreamer, planner, and the guy that makes decisions. On a daily basis, he is involved in every product we have.
Sheenalyn Abangan
Sheenalyn is our Chief Operating Officer and makes certain
that things run smoothly.
Chris Daley
From the Washington, D. C. area, Chris is a consultant, confidant, and counselor.
Lourafe Guitguit
Lourafe is our Outreach Coordinator
for Luzon, the Visayas, and Mindanao
in the Philippines.
Ezel Mejos Lorejo
Ezelis is our Virtual Assistant
and the Voice of Agape worldwide.

Projects and Proposals

Anything described under "Services" and more can be described for you at a one-on-one online meeting at a time convenient to you. Merely ask for further information and one of our staff would be pleased to set up this kind of appointment for you on Skype or Zoom.



Our Special Opportunities
FREE 3-Product Offer
Funnel Website 
FREE Banner Ad!
This is an introductory offer with a value of over $1,500. We provide an up-to-date online reputation audit of your company, build a banner ad for your use anywhere online, and produce a one-minute reputation review video using one of your current and positive client reviews. Plus, we offer you a 50% discount on our Gold Package of services when you decide on using our online marketing abilities!
A $2,997 funnel website is yours for the asking because we have time to produce it for you at no cost to you! That is the beauty of it. You will have a classic website for you to use online. All we ask is for you to sit with us online for a 30+ minute strategy session and give us four referrals to other businesses that you work with whom you think could profit from this same kind of outreach and tender-loving care. Let us hear from you!!!
Our banner ads is a stand alone product from which we offer a complimentary $497 banner ad of your choosing. Set up an appointment to choose your design theme and we will go to work. As with our funnel outreach, we ask that you sit with us for a strategy session as well as providing several referrals to us. You become the real winner!


Our Proprietary Onboarding Form


These are a few of the many who have left reviews on our site.

"Could not be happier with David"

He has been 100% there for me and my company. This is very funny for I have never experienced this type of dedication.

Angela Richter, Anaheim, CA

"David does what he says."

He says what he is doing and follows through with his plans.

Dr Mary Denney, D.C.
Sparks, NV

"David is a joy to work with!"

He is professional and kind; an all-around great guy! We look forward to continuing our work with him.

Dr Tod Bigelow, DDS
Hattiesburg, MS